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Under the Sea

Some Praise...

"I love this record! A common question for an act making a record is: will it be a fantasy or will it sound like reality? And if the answer is 'a fantasy,' the next question is: How will we play it live? Mojo Holler has walked the line brilliantly. This record sounds at once fully produced and live. No small feat! And it’s not the only great balance they’ve struck. Origin and destination. Sin and salvation. Root and blossom. Missi and John! I feel like they were right here while they transported me somewhere far away.

Nathan Moore, ThaMuseMeant and Surprise Me Mister Davis

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"Why Missi had to move from Austin to Portland so the Bakers could find their inner Mississippi Fred McDowell I don't know. But she did and they did."

Louis Black, Austin Chronicle, SXSW


“Missi & Mister Baker have been one of my favorite projects to work on, with their Americana-styled original songs, Missi’s fabulous voice, and Mister Baker’s deft fretwork bringing the whole show home.”

Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine

“Like Robert Johnson before him, Baker may have made a deal with the devil - channelling an innate genius through lap steel, slide and dobro. Missi is a genuine ‘​Appalachian Mountain Mama’…her earthy voice brings a burning intensity to each song.”

Lisa Lepine, Portland, OR

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